ekke’s mobile business apps (Qt 6: Android, iOS)

All about ekke’s mobile business apps for Android and iOS, developed using Qt 6.5+

Please take a look at ekke’s blog about Qt 5 development here.

Personal blog and informations can be found at ekkes-corner.

ekke started as a programmer in 1978 (Assembler, COBOL).

ekke’s focus last years is on mobile app development. ekke started mobile dev in 2010 with BlackBerry OS 6/7 (Micro Java), followed by BlackBerry 10 (Cascades UI, Qt 4.8).

As BlackBerry dropped BB10, ekke started 2016 development using Qt 5 (C++, QML and QtQuickControls2 from the beginning), followed by Qt 6 in 2023.


Qt 6

Since 2020 Qt is working on Qt 6 and now it’s a good time to port all mobile apps from Qt 5 to Qt 6. This is not an easy step, because API was changed, many deprecations, new QML Compiler, new Build System and much more.

This blog here at ekkes-apps.org will talk about the travel from Qt5 to Qt 6. You are new to mobile Apps with Qt ? Then this blog is also for your – I’m always explaining from the beginning. See all the details in the Menus.


  • Provide documentation HowTo transform Android/iOS apps from Qt 5 to Qt 6.
  • Trying to understand how cmake is working 😉
  • Find out HowTo get the best from new QML compilers.
  • Rework my Eclipse Xtext/Xtend based src generator (Entities, DTOs).
  • And most important: motivate other mobile devs to try out Qt 6.
  • Help developers to start with Qt for mobile app development.
    • There will be some small example apps to learn step by step.
    • BT LE example app to scan for devices and communicate
    • Also QtWS Conference App as a more complex one.
  • Hopefully having stable solutions with Qt 6.6 (end of sep 2023)

Stay tuned…