DSL Overview

ekke is using a DSL (Domain Specific Language) to generate C++ code for Entities / DTOs

DSL is based on Eclipse projects Xtext / XTEND and at first written for BlackBerry 10 (BB10) code / Qt 4.8, then slightly modified to make it run for Qt 5.

Now – together with the port to 6.5 – the DSL will be optimized for Qt 6 and become Open Source end of 2023.

ekke’s DSL4moBA – DomainSpecificLanguage for mobileBusinessApplications

Before developing mobile applications with BlackBerry or Qt, ekke was active member of Eclipse Modeling Community. This is the reason why ekke started to use Xtext / Xtend to generate boring code for Entities / DTOs. Later will follow code generation for OpenAPI REST services

DTO DSL Editor

Using a comfortable DSL Editor from Xtext/Xtend project you define the data model.

Then Qt/C++ Sourcecode will be generating into the QtCreator project.

Stay tuned … more infos will follow and plan is to make the DSL OpenSource and public at end of 2023

The DSL is developed by ekke and Florian Pirchner