QtCreator UI Info

Mode Selector

The Mode Selector allows you to switch between

  • Welcome
  • Edit
  • Design
  • Debug
  • Projects
  • Help

Kit Selector

Switch between your different Kits (Android, iOS, …) configurations (Debug, Profile, Release)

Debug / Build / Run Buttons

(Compile, Build) Run your App

Run in Debugger

Only Compile/Build the App without running


Helps you to find and open a file from your project. Please try the different ways – take a look at Help.

Output Panes

From here you have access to Issues, see the log while compiling or from Application running.


Qt Creator contains much documentation to help you to find your way through the IDE. It’s recommended to try this out.

Welcome Page

This Welcome Page is what you’ll see after starting Qt Creator.

From here you can

  • Create a new Project
  • Open an existing Project
  • Get Infos
  • Run Examples
  • Get help from Tutorials
  • GoTo the Marketplace

QtCreator still shows you the Hint to configure Android.

We’ll at first configure Qt Creator Preferences.