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ekke’s mobile business apps (Qt 6: Android, iOS)

All about ekke’s mobile business apps for Android and iOS, developed using Qt 6.5+

Please take a look at ekke’s blog about Qt 5 development here.

Personal blog and informations can be found at ekkes-corner.

ekke started as a programmer in 1978 (Assembler, COBOL).

ekke’s focus last years is on mobile app development. ekke started mobile dev in 2010 with BlackBerry OS 6/7 (Micro Java), followed by BlackBerry 10 (Cascades UI, Qt 4.8).

As BlackBerry dropped BB10, ekke started 2016 development using Qt 5 (C++, QML and QtQuickControls2 from the beginning), followed by Qt 6 in 2023.


Qt 6

Since 2020 Qt is working on Qt 6 and now it’s a good time to port all mobile apps from Qt 5 to Qt 6. This is not an easy step, because API was changed, many deprecations, new QML Compiler, new Build System and much more.

This blog here at will talk about the travel from Qt5 to Qt 6. You are new to mobile Apps with Qt ? Then this blog is also for your – I’m always explaining from the beginning. See all the details in the Menus.


  • Provide documentation HowTo transform Android/iOS apps from Qt 5 to Qt 6.
  • Trying to understand how cmake is working 😉
  • Find out HowTo get the best from new QML compilers.
  • Rework my Eclipse Xtext/Xtend based src generator (Entities, DTOs).
  • And most important: motivate other mobile devs to try out Qt 6.
  • Help developers to start with Qt for mobile app development.
    • There will be some small example apps to learn step by step.
    • BT LE example app to scan for devices and communicate
    • Also QtWS Conference App as a more complex one.
  • Hopefully having stable solutions with Qt 6.6 (end of sep 2023)

Stay tuned…