Download and install 5.15

Before downloading and installing you should know if you want to install the Open Source or Commercial version of Qt for Application Development. I’m using the Commercial version for Startups/Small Business – read more about Qt’s offer here.

Go to your Qt Account – Downloads and select the Qt Online Installer.

Hint: Have downloaded Qt 5.15.13. Some of the screenshots are from previous releases. If nothing else changed, I haven’t done a new screenshot.

Select the latest Qt 5.15 – in my case: 5.15.13. This is a commercial Release, so you’ll see it only if having a commercial license. For Open Source Users: take your latest available release – which is 5.15.9 (released 2023-04-06)

I’m a single independent developer and there’s a special Qt License for Small Business / Startup – see more here.

If you’re not sure about the Version, it’s a good idea to select Product ‘Qt’ and Version, per ex. 5.15.13 and then download the Release Notes.

For macOS I downloaded the Unified Installer and got this:

Double click to install.

Log into your account:

Select the folder where to install:

It’s a good idea to use installation pathes without spaces.

As next select your components:

wait until the Installer has downloaded all.

I’m not automatically starting QtCreator – but this is up to you. I want to change the settings-path as first.

Go On and see HowTo prepare QtCreator.