Why update from Qt5 to Qt6

Have many mobile business apps running at customer sites without any problem using Qt 5.15.7.

So: Never change a running system ?

But wait, the story isn’t so easy if you’re developing mobile apps. Each year there are changes from newest Android SDK or Apple iOS, also new requirements if you want to deploy apps to Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.

Qt 6 is the future for Qt and I know that the time will come soon, where Qt doesn’t backport changes to Qt 5.15. The lifetime of Qt 5.15 LTS was extended until 2025 (depends from your license).

To be sure to survive all the trouble always caused by Apple and Google, I know I have to switch to Qt 6.

Important issues

See some important bugs in work by Qt. I’m sure not all can be backported to 5.15. Here are some important issues currently in work for Qt 6.5+ – should motivate you to go the hard way from 5 to 6:

Cool new features in Qt 6

Qt 6.0 … 6.5 provides many cool new features. Some of them – per ex. Android 12 Bluetooth Permissions) are also backported to Qt 5.15, but it’s clear that the main target these days is Qt 6.

Good to know about Qt 6

Speed up QML

One of the most important thing: QML Compilers. I really want to take advantage of this. There are some blogs about new QML Compiler:

So my decision is clear: I have to port all my apps from Qt 5 to Qt 6. This will take some time. While working on this I’ll do only small bugfixes using the Qt 5.15.13 release. My customers are warned before, that there’ll be no new features in my apps next 6-9 months, but it’s worth to wait.

There’s also some help with porting