Deploy iOS Apps

There are not so many ways to distribute an iOS App, because Apple is more restrictive and all kind of distribution must be done via Xcode.

QtCreator generates a Xcode Project under the hood from Release or Debug Builds

From Xcode the App can be uploaded to App Store, if your App is a public App available to all.

For Business Apps there are other options.

If your audience are employees of small companies without an inhouse MDM system or single independent persons (Sales Rep per ex.) then Apple allows to use the App Store for this, but because the App isn’t public to all, the App will be hidden and only available via a special Link directly to the Download.

If your Customers are using an inHouse MDM system to deploy the app to employees, then you can do an Xcode Development Export and send the App to your customer, where the App will be re-signed and deployed – most as AdHoc Deployment, where all iOS Devices must be registered with there UUID before re-sign and deployment.

If your customer is a large Enterprise you can also do an Enterprise Export.

Xcode will automatically sign the Application. For this the Devewlopment Team must be known – you can select from iOS Build settings.

Open the Xcode Project of your App and from Xcode do a Xcode – Product – Archive:

When Archive was created, tap on ‘Distribute App’:

Now you can select HowTo distribute the App:

  • App Store Connect
  • AdHoc
  • Enterprise
  • Development

Tap on ‘Next’ and follow the workflow.

Issue Xcode 14 – Upload Qt 5.15.13 App to App Store

I got this Operation Error:

On StackOverFlow I found, that I’m not allone and it’s no Qt thing, happens also to Flutter Apps – seems to be an Xcode Issue.

Got the solution from StackOverFlow: Use Transporter to upload.

Install Transporter App from Mac App Store, install and start.

Enter your Apple ID and password:

Then select or drop your ipa:

Transporter shows the App and your Development Team. You can select more than one App.

Hit on ‘Deliver – Ausliefern’:

…and done without an Error

Verify what’s delivered. Now you can go to the App Store (Apple Connect).

BTW: It can happen, that Xcode logs an operation error, but the App was delivered to the store.