Manage, build and run on iOS

Select the iOS Kit and Debug Build

Connect/select device

We see there’s no device connected, so we connect an iPhone via USB.

Hint: To deploy to iOS Simulator you must select the extra Kit for iOS Simulator.

We connected the Device, but still no Device appears.

Remember – we had a similar issue on Android. So we quit and restart Qt Creator while the device is connected – and this time the Device appears, was selected and the App gets a green bubble:

iOS Build Settings

Tap on the Projects Tab. General Build Settings are similar to Android:

iOS Development Team

Under iOS Settings you can select the Development Team. In most cases where you only build for your own Team (Apple ID), you can leave it at ‘Default’

Developing for different kind of customers, you probably are member of some Teams and have to select the Team for this App.

Hint: It’s easy to connect to a Team: send your customer your AppleID and let add you to customers Team. Then from inside Xcode you can manage your teams.

Important: let ‘Automatically manage signing’ checked – then it’s easy: Xcode will handle all the signing stuff for you.

iOS Product Bundle Identifier

Next important thing: your unique ‘Product Bundle Identifier’


In my case this is org.ekkescorner and c2g.qtws

Inside your info.plist you have to set the CFBundleIdentifier using $(PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER

While build the App yourprefix and bundle from .pro will be connected and written into the info.plist.

Compile /Verify Signature

It’s a good idea to verify if the right Team from Build process was used to sign your app. Take a look at the Compile Output Pane:

Running Device first time for this App

If this is the first time you build the App for this Device, there’ll be an issue, because your Device wasn’t registered for this app.

It’s easy to fix – we must to go to Xcode and open this project.

There was an Xcode project just created under the hood. Open the build dir and open the generated *.xcodeproj:

On top you see the App and the connected Device – in this case my iPhone XR.

Tap on the run Button on the left side and start the app. Now Xcode will do all what’s needed to run the app on your device.

From now on you can Run on Device directly from QtCreator.

iOS App finally on Device