Manage Android devices (wifi)

WIFI Setup done with QtCreator (QtC) 9.0.2 and Qt 5.15.13

We have the Pixel 6a connected via USB, selevt the device and tap on ‘Manage…’

Managed Device correct listed and we hit ‘Set up Wi-Fi’

Nothing happened. Tried a second time: nothing happened. Once again: error cannot retrieve IP address.

Don’t panic – see below…

Setup WIFI for the Nokia 7.1

Of course – the Nokia isn’t connected, so we cannot setup WIFI.

Disconnected the Pixel, connected the Nokia. Tapped on ‘Set up Wi-Fi’.

Nothing happened. Looked at the list of devices – no WIFI devices.

Let’s go back from preferences:

oooh – both Devices are visible 🙂

So the Setup was done correctly without a success-message and without updating the list of managed devices in preferences.

Have created a QTCREATORBUG-28899.

Here are the details of a WIFI device. All looks good.

The IP address is the most important info. Be warned: if the IP address changed, the WIFI device cannot be used anymore. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to change the IP address, you must remove and add device again. See QTCREATORBUG-28736.