Manage Android devices (add)

Now it’s time to add your Android Test Devices. I prefer to run on real devices, but you can also use the AVD.

All tested with QtCreator (QtC) 9.0.2 – downloaded together with Qt 5.15.13

Selected Android – Debug and connected the first Device to USB – Google Pixel 6a

….uuups – QtC hangs

Had to kill QtC and to restart.

Now the Pixel 6a was detected and the green bubble shows that the device is ready.

As next I wanted to connect a Nokia 7.1, so I disconnected the Pixel 6a from USB and connected the Nokia 7.1

This time no freeze, but the Device is not detected:

So I tapped on ‘Manage…’

It’s the same: only Pixel 6a is listed

There’s an ‘Add’ Button – let’s try if we can add the USB Device.

Starting the Wizard – but this is only for AVDs. If you want to use AVDs, here’s the place to add them.

As next I quit and restart QtC. Now the Nokia 7.1 is also detected and listed.

Have created QTCREATORBUG-28735 – as a workaround: to add more Devices, connect them, quit QtC and restart.

Connecting Devices via USB is not the only way – if you prefer connecting via WIFI, go on.