W-JAX 2011

Conference2Go: W-JAX 2011

Soon after the first App from Conference2Go series the next one is available.

This time it’s the conference app for german W-JAX 2011 conference in munich:

Download from AppWorld:

the download Link


  • BlackBerry OS 6 or OS 7
  • BBM installed (Version 6.0.1 or better)
  • BlackBerry Maps installed
  • SD-Card available
  • BIS Data Plan

The Application comes preloaded with a SQLite Database and all Speaker Images to avoid roaming costs for international attendees.

At first start the SQLite will be copied to your SD-Card.

Hint: if removing the Application the SQLite DB was not removed – you have to do this manually. The DB is located under databases/WJAX_DATA.

If you’re closing the App (return from last Screen) then the Application is not closed, but only send to the background. If you really want to exit the App, from the Navigator screen there’s a menu item “Exit”.

Hint: under rare conditions not all days with sessions are displayed or the speaker list wasn’t displayed. Then you have to “exit” the app and restart. I’m working on this.

The Navigator

You can use the TrackPad, Menu or touch on the Icons to navigate through Sessions, Speaker, Schedule (Favorites) and Conference:

Home Menu

If you already used the EclipseConEurope: now all Screens have a qick-jump-Menu to the Home Screen (Navigator)

and from Session Details you can mark / remove Favorites from the Menu

BBM enabled

Conference2Go: W-JAX 2011 is BBM enabled. You can

  • chat about Sessions
  • chat with Speakers
  • invite others to the App
  • send Status “Attending W-JAX 2011” to your BBM Profile

To make this run, you have to connect the App with BBM. At first it will be verified, that BBM is installed and has the correct version: 6.0.1 or greater.

If something is missing, you’re automagically directed to the AppWorld and BBM is installed or updated.

Hint: Before the App is started, a Proxy-App tests for BBM connectivity. This takes some time – I’ll add a progress indicator later to let you know that the app is working. So don’t panic if it needs some seconds before the App starts.

Hitting connect guides you through the process. Perhaps the BlackBerry ID has to be updated or installed. If something went wrong or was canceled because the Conference WLAN was too slow or so, you can always go to your BBM -> Options -> Connected Apps and edit the preferences. If all wen well, BBM and Conference2Go: W-JAX 2011 are connected.

Rotate Orientation (Portrait <-> Landscape)

All Conference2Go Applications support rotation of your screen. switching between Portrait and Landscape the screens automagically resize the content.

Here are 2 Landscape examples:

Session List

Sessions are grouped by Days. You can switch between the Days from the Title or swiping to the left / right to get next / prev. day.

All Sessions are ordered by the time the Session starts.

The list displays the first Category of the Session, title, type, room, day and time.

here are some Sessions from Monday (Workshop day):

and some Sessions from Thursday as example:

if the start time changes, a new time separator was displayed – in this example: 14:15

Session Details

Clicking / Tapping on a Session displays the details.

first section the overview:

  • title (The Pusher…”)
  • first Category (Frameworks)
  • type (Session)
  • room (Sydney)
  • day (Thursday)
  • time: 15:15 – 16:15

next section shows the Abstract (Wer Business….)

below the Abstract an image of the floor was displayed and the room is marked orange (Room Sydney).

Next part allows you to mark the Session as Favorite: please click on the Favorite Icon.

If you mark a session, then also an entry was done in your Calendar together with an alarm 5 minutes before.

here’s the Session event inside your BlackBerry Calendar Application:

BTW: if the selected Session overlaps with another Session at the same time you’ll get a warning.

If a session is already marked you can remove the Session from your private schedule.

Setting / removing a Favorite can also be done from the Menu.

The bubble right besides the favorite icon allows you to (BBM-) chat about the session with one of your contacts.

Next section display a list of all speakers of the session – in this example there’s only one speaker assigned.

last section gives you a list of the tracks this Session belongs to. Here you see that the session (“The Pusher…”) belongs to 5 tracks:

  • Frameworks
  • Mobile
  • Rich Applications + desktop
  • Web Architecture
  • Mobile Day

Each session can be assigned to some tracks or special days. Special days always have the icon with a calendar-sheet as background of the Icon

If you’re interested into the sessions of a Track or Special Day, click on the entry and get a short overview.

Clicking again on one of the Sessions you again are getting the Session Details.

The Speakers

The list of speakers is ordered by lastname and displays the Image, Name and Company:

Speaker Details

Clicking on a speaker gives you the details:

  • Image
  • (BBM) Chat Button
  • Name
  • Company
  • Bio

Below the bio you’ll find a list with all Sessions this speaker is assigned to.

Clicking on a session you again get the Session Details Screen.


Conference gives you some additional informations about the App and the Conference:

  • About this App
  • Invite others to download the App
  • Floorplan
  • Location Map (needs BlackBerry Map to display the event location)
  • List of Tracks and Special Days
  • List of Session Types
  • BBM Profile: set status “Attending W-JAX 2011”

Click / Tap on one entry to get more informations:

The Location Map opens the BlackBerry Map Application centered to the event location.

add your own location and get the route to find the way.

The Conference floors are at Street Level (EG), upper level (OG) and lower level (UG)

the Floorplan displays always one level. Clicking on the Button on top you can toggle thgrough OG, EG, UG.

The Tracklist gives you a short access path to all sessions of a Track. Clicking on one Track displays all sessions.

last entry of the Conference list enables you to set the status for your BBM profile box.

BBM Settings

if BBM integration doesn’t work please verify the connection at:

BBM Application -> Options -> Connected Applications

please verify thet the W-JAX 2011 APP is connected and the checkbox is set to post activities to your BBM profile:

from the Options -> Connected Apps you can edit the preferences:

If all went well and you’re posting your W-JAX status, you’ll find it here:

This is the first version of my Conference2Go BlackBerry Application for a JAX / W-JAX Conference. From conference to conference I’ll add more features, so pelase feel free to send request. If you’ll find a bug, please send a report.

I already have some issues on my todo list:

reduce the download size,  post BBM Profile status entering a session room, localization / internationalization, some more UI/UX sugar, faster refreshing the favorites view, Push Services, PopUp Menus, …

All my work is done for free in my spare time and I hope you enjoy the APP.


(c) 2011 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by  ekkescorner 

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