MobileTechCon 2012

Conference2Go: MobileTechCon 2012

This year (last week of march) I’ll attend german MobileTechCon 2012 in Munich:

Register soon and get a FREE PLAYBOOK:

Sanyu, Kamel and others from BlackBerryDeveloper Relations will also be there at a Booth from RIM this year 🙂

Of course I also developed the BlackBerry Conference APP.

The application can soon be downloaded from BlackBerry AppWorld.


  • BlackBerry OS 6 or OS 7
  • BBM installed (Version 6.0.1 or better)
  • BlackBerry Maps installed
  • SD-Card available
  • BIS Data Plan

The Application comes preloaded with a SQLite Database and all Speaker Images to avoid roaming costs for international attendees.

You can follow the documentation and instructions from last years W-JAX Conference here.

What’s new this year ?

  • added support for new HighDensity screens from OS 7 devices
  • select sessions not only by Day or Speaker, but also by Tracks and Types.

Here are some screenshots from the ne application:

From conference to conference I’ll add more features, so pelase feel free to send request. If you’ll find a bug, please send a report.

All my work is done for free in my spare time and I hope you enjoy the APP.


(c) 2012 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by  ekkescorner 

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