EclipseConEurope 2011

Conference2Go: EclipseConEurope

some screenshots and documentation:

BlackBerry  ECE 2011 Conference App can be downloaded from BlackBerry AppWorld:

This App runs on BlackBerry OS 6 and OS 7 Devices, supports Touch- and classic Devices, needs BBM 6.0.1 and Devices with SD Card. To see the Event – Location on the Map, BlackBerry Maps must also be installed.

Of course you can rotate the Device: Portrait and Landscape is working.

BBM enabled

As a first result from BBM Hackathon in San Francisco I added BBM to the Conference APP.

At first startup you have to connect the Conference App with BBM:

If your BlackBerry ID has to be updated you’ll guided through the process.

If all went well you’ll see this:

you can invite BBM Contacts to download the APP

Your BBM Contact gets a message with a button to install the APP with one click from AppWorld if interested.

From Session-Detail or Speaker-Detail Screens you can start a Chat.

This is the Chat-Button for BBM functionality:

You have to select your BBM Contact:

Then you can edit and send a Message:

Your BBM Contact gets the Message and from this Message he/she can answer directly or jump into the App or – if the APP isn’t installed can install from AppWorld.

In next releases I’ll also support the BBM Profile Box with Status Messages like “entered Session xyz”. …

If you’re starting the APP the very first time the APP verifies that BBM is installed and that BBM Version 6.0.1 is installed. If not you’re automagically directed to the AppWorld to download the correct version.

If all is OK with your BBM installation, the APP can be started. (How this was done I’ll blog about later)

As next step the APP copies a predefined SQLite Database to the SD Card.

Favorites can be marked from Session details:

If marking a Session as Favorite you can see all in the “My Schedule” View and also the Session was added as an Event to the Calendar and will give you a alarm 5 minutes before the Session starts.

Here are some screenshots of the

BlackBerry App Conference2Go: ECE 2011

This is the first version of my Conference2Go BlackBerry Applications. From conference to conference I’ll add more features, so pelase feel free to send request. If you’ll find a bug, please send a report.

All my work is done for free in my spare time and I hope you enjoy the APP.


(c) 2011 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by  ekkescorner 

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